Our company

We are specialized on the import/export in the agrifood sector, mainly potatoes and onions, from France, Belgium and Holland. Our experience over 25 years is a guarantee of a service and a products quality. Our goal is to get the loyalty of our clientes and suppliers, based on competitive prices and offering the best products.

We have all the calibers and varieties that our clientes could demand. Potatoes for the industry, ware ones, early ones, washed ones, seeds, including all fittings.

Every year, our company import to the Spanish market over 15000 tonnes (including seeds). Moreover, we are the exclusive (on seeds) delivery for the variety Universa in Spain.

In the nearly future, due to the growing demand of several europeans countries, such as Belgium, Poland, France or Hungary, we will try to expand our market offering early potatoes from Cartagena, Seville and Malaga from Mars to July.